I am an expert in managing multiple social media accounts for a newspaper serving a community of 50,000. Responsible for creating The Independent's entire social media program in 2007, including accounts for all newsroom, classifieds, and circulation staff. I directed the program into the continuous growth it has sustained for the past 13 years. Consulted with small and medium local businesses and nonprofits in social media and marketing opportunities. Conducted training for the staffs of those businesses as well as all newsroom staff.

Tools: Multiple audio and video tools for production of videos and podcasts such as Audition, Premiere, Avid, Photoshop etcetera. I've used several different news content management systems over the years, the most recent was TownNews and its partner services.

Specialties: Directing digital output from reporters, videographers, and photographers, editing/producing video and podcasts, video, training newsroom staff on use of social media and multimedia to enrich storytelling and audience engagement.

Over 15 years experience in community management and moderating of forums, Facebook pages, Twitter and other platforms.

In my 16 years at The Independent, I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn a wide array of skills in multiple areas in everything from producing video news segments to digital news management. I was often called upon to edit copy, serve as technical contact between advertising department and local businesses, and design graphics and logos. The size of the newspaper required me to wear many hats and I stepped up to the challenge ever time. 
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