I am a seasoned professional with a distinguished track record in managing a multitude of social media accounts for a prominent newspaper dedicated to serving a vibrant community of 50,000 residents. In 2007, I undertook the pivotal role of conceiving and establishing The Independent's comprehensive social media program, which encompassed the creation of accounts for all members of our newsroom, classifieds, and circulation teams. 
Over the next 13 years, I skillfully steered this program towards a trajectory of growth and success. My expertise extends to providing invaluable consultation services to both small and medium-sized local businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations, offering strategic guidance in leveraging social media and marketing opportunities to their advantage. I have also been instrumental in conducting comprehensive training sessions, equipping the staff of these businesses, along with our dedicated newsroom team, with the proficiency to harness the power of social media tools effectively.
My proficiency extends to a rich array of tools encompassing various audio and video production applications, including Audition, Premiere, Avid, Photoshop, and more. My extensive experience spans multiple news content management systems, with my most recent engagement involving TownNews, BLOX, and its affiliated services.
In terms of specialization, I excel in directing and optimizing digital content creation, collaborating closely with reporters, videographers, and photographers. I have a strong track record in expertly editing and producing engaging video and podcast content. Furthermore, I am adept at training our newsroom staff to harness the potential of social media and multimedia to enhance storytelling and foster robust audience engagement.
With over two decades of experience, I bring unparalleled expertise in community management, Facebook pages, Twitter (X), and various other platforms. During my 16-year tenure at The Independent, I continually expanded my skill set, taking on diverse responsibilities ranging from producing video news segments to effectively managing digital news operations. I have consistently risen to the occasion, frequently called upon to edit copy, serve as the technical liaison between the advertising department and local businesses, and contribute to the creation of graphics and logos. The multifaceted demands of our newspaper have been met with unwavering commitment, and I have consistently embraced the challenges and opportunities that came my way, contributing significantly to The Independent's enduring success.
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